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9/11 Responders

and Wounded Soldiers

Save Our Peeps

Create Awareness and Raise Funds TODAY!

Unite In Peace is an organization that honors the heroic men, women and children of the September 11th tragedy by uniting youth in global discussion through artistic expression with their personal messages of peace

Unite In Peace believes that the youth of today have the ability to impact us in positive right action towards peace in our lifetime and break the chain of abuse.

Unite In Peace trusts that youth and young people have the answers to our present challenges, if adults would just listen.


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Imagine Whirled Peace

Corrine's PinwheelsSpreading World Peace

One Pinwheel At A Time

To those of you who have donated over the years we say thank you for your support and love. With your generous contributions Whirled Peace Pinwheels have been received by thousands of children worldwide.

Unite In Peace has gifted Whirled Peace Pinwheels to children in Gaza and Mexico. Michele met Jamie "Dobie" Galus, Lieutenant, USN, Civil Military Operations Planner on a cross-country flight who introduced her to Sarah Dachos, CDR USN.  CDR Dachos works in the US Embassy in Libreville, Gabon but is also responsible for activities in the island nation of Sao Tome and Principe and will be gifting the children there with Whirled Peace Pinwheels and in turn those children will be gifting children here in San Diego with theirs.

Jamshid in Kabul, Afghanistan and teachers here in the United States started the process for dialogue between their youth via email.

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CHOICE2VOICE.com provides young speakers the capability and venue to touch their peers and the people of the world with their inspirational stories of choices, opportunities and achievements in a very global way!

Launching Winter 2016

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Translation for 140 languages by ALS

*Please note: This international language site translates text from a computer; therefore translation can be thwarted. It can not relate compassion with etiquette and diplomacy.




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