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2nd Responders

Helping Our First Responders

Unite In Peace is reaching out to First Responders who served with FDNY Firefighter David M. Weiss in the rescue effort on September 11th and to the Responders and Recovery Workers who stayed behind for months to assist in the recovery and clean-up effort.

We know you are now suffering. Some Heroes have already died as a result of these illnesses. Sadly, red tape, complicated regulations, and lack of awareness have become barriers to you receiving appropriate, timely, and affordable health-care. Many of you have reached your deductible and are now paying out of pocket for prescriptions and doctor appointments. Some of you no longer have health insurance. We know many of you are struggling financially.

We are here to help you and your families by raising funds and creating awareness regarding your critical health issues that you endured from the dust cloud, and on “The Pile" on September 11th, 2001. The deadly toxins that you were exposed to--pulverized concrete, asbestos, mercury, glass, other harmful elements that are causing major respiratory diseases, and cancers like Leukemia--are urgent issues that need to be addressed now!

Michele Little believes that if David were alive today he would be experiencing these health issues too, and he would be speaking out for those who cannot. "I am now David's voice", Little says.

Steps to Heal will begin the process of offering help now by raising funds and creating awareness around this urgent issue. From the West to the East, San Diego will be the beginning footsteps in building the bridge of awareness.


We have a social responsibility!

Our Responders need our help now.

The solutions that lawsuits and legislation can provide will come too late for too many.

They Were There For Us, Now It's Our Turn!

Steps To Heal

Steps to Heal is a fund-raising event with Walks, Motorcycle Rides and Fest's with Spokespersons from 9/11 Family Members and Survivors, as well as 9/11 First Responders and Recovery Workers, Local Musicians and Celebrity Headliners happening nationwide.

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