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A Little Whirled Peace History

Archived Information

Unite In Peace has gifted over 14,000 Whirled Peace/Pinwheels of Peace to children in the midst of adversity starting with 9/11 Families in 2001 and gifting children in Bali, Indonesia after the bombing in 2002. We gifted Pinwheels of Peace to Baghdad, Iraq in 2003 with the help of Fernando Suarez. In 2004 Whirled Peace/Pinwheels of Peace were shipped to a youth conference in Russia with youth distributing the Whirled Peace/Pinwheels of Peace to Israel, Turkey, and Egypt.

The collaboration with Pinwheels For Peace in 2006 enabled us to gift more children in refugee camps and orphanages in South Africa; Meru, Kenya; Kabul, Afghanistan with help distributing to thousands in Pakistan and Iraq; Colombia and Venezuela, thanks to teachers and their students who are choosing to continue to spin their pinwheels after International Day of Peace through Unite In Peace.

In 2007 we gifted villages in Akutan and Nelson Lagoon, Alaska as well. This project has reached millions of teachers worldwide who are educating their students...our children, to use their creativity in positive, peaceful ways for the International Day of Peace. Knowing that each message of peace will be gifted to a child whose world can change from despair to a world full of possibilities by just reading their messages of love, harmony, music and peace takes place instantaneously!

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