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Our Programs and Partners


I invite you to check out www.UniteInPeace.org and it's projects:

www.WhirledPeace.org gives us a choice to continue spinning pinwheels after International Day of Peace by gifting pinwheels to children in the midst of adversity worldwide

www.CHOICE2VOICE.com is the New Generation of Global Youth Speakers which provides young people the capability and the venues to touch their peers and the people of the world with their inspirational stories of choices, opportunies, and achivements in a very global way.

www.911RespondersFund.com provides resources for homeopathic and naturopathic ways to assist the body to heal and information of the plight that 9/11 families go through on a daily basis to honor our loved ones who died on September 11th, 2001...Information that the general public is uninformed about.  It's about giving yourself premission to "Wake Up Out of the Trance of the Misinformed" and have chosen to follow your heart.

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