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Whirled Peace Gifting Map

These maps show where Pinwheels were created, and under the maps you will view what states in the United States, as well as Costa Rica and Australia participated in gifting Whirled Peace through Unite In Peace to distribute them to children in the midst of adversity worldwide:

United States

US Whirled Peace Map

Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois,Indiana,Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, NorthCarolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Virginia


Canada Whirled Peace



Australia Whirled Peace

Brisbane, Queensland

The following countries will receive Whirled Peace Pinwheels in the near future!


Africa Whirled Peace

Meru, Kenya; Kasama, Zambia

Middle East

Middle East Whirled Peace

Kabul, Afghanistan to orphanages and "Street Children" of Kabul City;Refugee camps and orphanages in Pakistan and Iraq

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